Why Our Product Works

Our multi-directional inserts were developed to provide the precast and other building industries with an adjustable, economical tie back anchor.  Whether you are designing or specifiying anchors for structural or architectural elements, the MD Series inserts provide the features architects and engineers look for:


High Pull-Out Capacity

With our design, the patented MD Series inserts provide an ultimate pull-out capacity of 20,000 lb. in 5,000 PSI concrete. The inserts include a built-in 3/4" or 1" (NC or coil) zinc plated heavy square nut.


Multi-Directional Movement Ability

Modern building design specifications require the ability of precast and other facades to accommodate the movements of the structure due to wind, earthquake, temperature, etc. Our inserts are designed to allow combinations of movements resulting from floor deflections, thermal expansion/contraction and story drift.



The MD Series double slotted design makes it possible to achieve a two-way free connection elminating excess hardware items. No more slotted angles, oversized holes, flexible rods, etc. Embedded hardware in structures can be made smaller resulting in significant savings.


Ease Of Erection

The durable slotted design provides unparalleled erection tolerances. The built-in nut can be moved either vertically or horizontally to allow for field tolerances making the erector's job easier and more economical.


Suitability For Use In Seismic Areas

In addition to the free movement ability, building code seismic design criteria require that inserts in concrete be anchored to steel reinforcement. The MD Series inserts are made with rebar slots to allow such anchorage.



Hot dipped, galvanized. Complies with ASTM-A123 or ASTM-A153.